• #NoMoreQueueing for Food.

    Saves you a week of food frustration. 

  • What is QJump?





    As what the name suggests, you can jump the queue. You can also manage your mealtime in peace, whenever and wherever. 


    Our time saving mobile ordering app provides convenience for take-away & dine-in services up to several days in advance,


    You can search your nearby Singapore restaurants, browse delectable looking menu, promote your favourite restaurants, share food recipe and tips, and so much more.


  • Look! Happy Tummy.

    Learn more how you can QJump! in this short intro video.

  • Really? - What They Said...


    "It was really good to cut the order queue which was super long. Food served pretty fast after verification." - Mr. Choong -


    "Fantastic idea to skip the queue and get what I need. I'll be supporting!" - Ms. Liauw -


    "I am surprised how mature the app and its website are" - Ms. Fan -


    "Did my first try with QJump. It took me a while to get used to it, but overall it works fine. Will definitely use it to order food. Kudos, QJump!" - Mr. Michael -


    " I have been using your app, and found it very useful and time saving. I really like ---, but hated the queue. If I can use QJump on these places, it would be really awesome. - Ms. Yuliana


    " Freaking brilliant. I just jumped a long queue for my 12.30 order at Marina Bay Link outlet. Less than 2 mins later...food is on my table. The staff looked happy as well - Mr. Tan -


  • How To? - Supporting a Balanced Lifetyle.

    Because nobody else should endure any headaches when it comes to food..
    So that you can have more quality time and work life balance.

  • A - SEARCH

    Search nearby food and promotions

    (Please turn on your GPS to auto-locate the ones near you.)


    Schedule date & time, for meals up to days in advance.

    Cut off times:
    11.30 for same day Lunch,
    14.00 for same day High Tea
    17.30 for same day Dinner.


    On the collection day, present phone to Staff for verification


    Enjoy & Share the News!

  • Hansel (the Rabbit)

    "Motorcycle Rider"

    Date of Birth: 03 March 1993

    Do you know that the fastest species of rabbit is Jack Rabbit? Hansel is one of them. With his powerful hind legs, he can move by hopping, reaching the speeds of 35 to 45 miles per hour (55 to 70 kilometres per hour). He is very impatient, hyperactive and energetic when it comes to maximising his time for money. His favorite motto is "Time is everything, traffic means nothing". That is why, when he is hungry, he will always be the first in line at his favourite restaurant, because he is a QJumper too!

    Anthony (the Lion)


    Date of Birth: 12 August 1978

    Our dear friend here is a food lover, sluggish, calm, innocent yet bossy when it comes to making sure his food is served in a specific arrangement and taste. Also, because he eats a lot, he has keen taste buds which is incomparable to any food critic in Singapore. His favourite motto is "I love stories, and every food has its own story" and he is able to create great stories. And because of his ability as a writer, a lot of eateries has contacted him for his food reviews. What a great story teller he is!

    Roen (the Owl)

    "Food Professor"

    Date of Birth: 12 June 1989

    Roen is a serious, full of anxiety and an anti social owl. Roen has dedicated his entire life behind his owly cage to experiment different kinds of food ingredients from all over Singapore. And he rarely sleeps because of it. His motto is "For every good food, there is 1000 weird food behind it", because he believes that one must spend hours and hours of experimenting on food before one can truly find a good and delicious food. As silly as it sounds, he is always right, because he is the smartest in the group.

  • Are You One of QJumpers?

    Whichever QJumper character you are, we wish you good food experience.

    The Worker Bee

    You are a workaholic. You often eat at your desk or pantry. Without work, you feel empty.

    The Organizer

    You like to organize and/or lead social activities be it corporate meetings, recreational or fitness events.

    The Runner

    You have/tend to move from place to place, and rarely find a good time to sit back and observe your surrounding.

    The True Foodie

    You are really a food enthusiast that will insist on trying the food and drinks of your choice and takes it seriously.

    The Peace Seeker

    You are crowd-averse and like to have your own personal space. You tend to stay within your comfort zone.

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